Papers and posters

For a general overview consider reading "MEGAlib - Medium Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy Library", or "MEGAlib - Simulation and Data Analysis for Low-to-medium-energy Gamma-ray Telescopes". For details about the algorithms refer to Andreas Zoglauer, "First Light for the Next Generation of Compton and Pair Telescopes" and Florian Schopper, "Entwicklung eines Teleskops zur Abbildung von Gammastrahlung mittels Comptonstoss und Paarerzeugung". For a detailed insight into simulations with Cosima see "Cosima - the Cosmic Simulator of MEGAlib"

Moreover, you might want to take a look at the following posters: "MEGAlib - Simulation and Data Analysis for Low-to-medium-energy Gamma-ray Telescopes", "Geomega: MEGAlib's geometry and detector description tool for Geant3, MGGPOD, and Geant4" and "Realta: MEGAlib's real-time analyzer for gamma-ray detectors".


For detailed installation instructions, read the installation manual.
How to build a geometry is explained in the Geomega manual.
Simulations can be learned by reading Cosima manual.


There are many examples in the directory MEGAlib/resource/examples, the ones in the advanced section even come with a readme file!