The Medium-Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy library



If you have any questions or problems, which are not covered by the documentation, feel free the ask the developers.

Bug reports and feature request

For bug reports and feature requests please use the issue tracker for MEGAlib at github. Naturally, you can also find a list of known issues there.

Please be specific when you report an issue. Provide me with information about what version you are using, and let me know how to reproduce the problem.

If you have example code which causes the problem, you can always email it to me.

Integration of your MEGAlib additions/bugfixes etc. into the main MEGAlib repository

Please use the standard github tools for that, i.e. create a fork, commit and push your modifications to your own fork, and send me a pull request.

Remember to always sync your fork to the latest version of MEGAlib before you send a pull request. Here are the steps:

Submitting a patch

If you want to submit a patch instead, please make sure you start your development with a clone of the git repository (if you used the setup script in default mode, you are good) and on the master branch:

git clone
git checkout master

Make your changes and commit them:

git add MyModifiedFile.cxx
git commit -m "Commit message"

Then create the patch:

git format-patch -1

Finally email me the patch - see Contacts for my email.